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Ph.D.  Yaping Lei 
President of Xi'an Technological University,XiĄŻan, Shaanxi,  CHINA

Brief of Chairman

Professor Lei Yaping is the Director of The State and Provincial Joint Engineering Laboratory of Advanced Network and Monitoring Control, CHINA., She is the President of XiĄŻan Technological University, She got her Doctor degree form XiĄŻan university of technology.

Prof. Lei engaged in education teaching and scientific research more than thirty years and has formed good style of teaching and scientific research quality. She is focus on Resource structure optimization and configuration. She had Published 2 monographs and 2 specialized textbook compilation, She write and published more than 30 important papers and responsible for more than 20 academic research, She was awarded the teaching achievement prize from Shaanxi provincial government in 2015.

Executive secretary: 

Prof. Zhongsheng Wang, XiĄŻan Technological University, XiĄŻan, Shaanxi, China

Dr. George Yang, Missouri Western State University, 4525 Downs Drive St. Joseph, MO 64507, USA

Membership of the Conference: 

Ph.D. Jianguo Wang 
Prof. and Dean of Xi'an Technological University, CHINA

Ph.D. Hongyan Li 
Prof. and Dean of Xi'an Technological University, CHINA

Dr. Weigang Zhang

Prof. and Dean of changan University, CHINA

Prof. and Dr. Changyuan Yu, National Univ. of Singapore (NUS), Singapore.

Prof. and Dr. Jinwen Chu, Missouri Western State University, USA

Dr. Yunlong Wang, Research Scientist, Advanced Analytic Department, QuintilesIMS, USA

Prof. Samir El-Omari, University of Wisconsin at Platteville, USA

Prof. Junfang Bai, Prof. of Xi'an Technological University, CHINA

Prof. Jianhu Cheng Prof. of Xi'an Technological University, CHINAProf. guohua Geng, Northwest  University, Xi'an,  China

Prof. Jifa Liu, Chang'an  University, Xi'an,  China

Prof. Xiqun Tian, Xi'an University of Finance and Economics

Prof. William Cheung, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Prof. Liwen Zhuang, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

 Dr. and Prof. Richy W Lau, City University of Hong Kong

 Prof. Guoming Sung, National Taipei University of Technology

 Dr. Cheng Lian, National Kaohsiung First University of Science Technology

 Prof. Anthony Amankwah, The University of Texas at Arlington, Taxes 76019-0015

Prof. Zhijie Xu,University of Huddersfield, UK

Dr. Haifa El-Sadi, Wentworth Institute of Technology, Boston, MA, USA

Dr. Seckin Gokaltun, Florida International University, USA

Dr. Manik Mandal, Department of Computer, Lehigh University, USA

Ph.D. Zhangjun Yang, National Univ. of Singapore  (NUS)

Ph.D. Y.W.Liu Rm, Hong Kong polytechnic University , CHINA

Ph.D.William S.W. Cheung, The University of Hong Kong. , CHINA

Ph.D. Hongyi Sun, City University of Hong Kong, CHINA

Ph.D. Guo Ming sung,National Taipei University of Technology, CHINA

Zhen Luo, Soong Sil University, South Korea